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turnkey market research services


If you're looking for a partner to handle all aspects of a project, this full-service option is for you.


Typical engagements include:

  • Ad, copy, concept, or message testing

  • Customer satisfaction & loyalty

  • Customer personas or segmentation

  • Focus groups

  • In-depth interviews

  • Messaging development

  • Sales material development 

  • Trend research

The projects vary but the goal is always to zero in on the intersection between your organization's goals and customer needs. 

Ideal for: marketing executives, agencies, small businesses

hourly market research consulting

À la carte

If you're stretched thin or don't have dedicated marketing strategy resources, this is for you.


I work with companies and agencies to take on portions of projects that need consumer insights expertise.


Typical situations include:

  • You have specific parts of a project that you need help on

  • You have a study in progress but are running out of time to finish the analysis

  • You need an objective moderator, interviewer, or facilitator

  • You need to conduct research as part of a larger project but don't have an insights exec on staff

Ideal for: agencies, marketing executives

market research workshop

diy Workshop

If you don't do a lot of customer research and need to start or if you want to improve your survey game, this half-day workshop is for you.


We'll walk through the mechanics of building and executing repeatable customer and employee feedback programs. 


  • What research can & can't do 

  • Setting up a successful study

  • Writing a stellar questionnaire 

  • Sample planning

  • Fielding the study

  • Analyzing the data

  • Developing a useful, strategic report

  • Creating a sustainable research program for the future

Ideal for: small businesses, start-ups, growing marketing teams

Industry experience includes:

Automotive, Consumer goods, Education, Luxury Market, RetailRestaurantGovernmentSustainabilityTechnology



$1250/half day

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